Monday, August 10, 2020

What is RISK in business?

We often talk about risk of cyber security or breach of our data. But what is risk in business?

Let's look at the definition of what RISK is all about in our business!
Risk is the possibility of losing some or all of your original investment and it exist when assets, vulnerability and threat are intercepted and can be managed through risk management! When a threat meets vulnerability, a risk occurs and it can damage your organization’s assets! Assess your risks. mitigate and transfer your risks to minimize your vulnerabilities and financial burden! As often as we discuss "risk", it's important to have an accurate definition of the word! Risk exist when there's a chance to lose assets when vulnerability and threat intersect Assess and mitigate your risk. Protect your your future

Sharmeen Rehman
BlackFire Cyber Insurance

Friday, August 7, 2020

Beyond Working Remotely


In today’s new normal – it is critical to consider our new way of doing business. We now are not only open to remote work to keep us going but also, we embrace this fast-forwarded future with open arms. 

As we work from home,eSilo has identified holes and voids and make our business thrive, remotely.  

What does 'REMOTE WORK' look like?  

What all we should consider as we work from home? 

How does our cyber security look like?

Let's learn:

Beyond Working Remotely


Sharmeen Rehman

BlackFire Cyber Insurance

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Cyber Security : Luxury OR a Necessity?


90% of the attacks are SOCIAL ENGINEERING and RANSOMWARE!!!


Cybersecurity is INDEED the biggest threat to entrepreneurs! 

Thanks, Pat David, for shedding light on this serious and urgent issue with cybersecurity. 

Here's his full video:

Since the businesses of all sizes are exposed to cyber threats, it is so critical for us to have cybersecurity measures. CYBER INSURANCE is such an integral solution to add to our portfolio. 


When users make a mistake and give away access or click on a malicious link, it still falls apart, even with a top-notch cybersecurity system in place. These big companies mentioned in the video that got hacked depended on their data breach insurance policy to come thru and rescue them from financial ruin after a cyber incident. 


As the pandemic began to take over the world, our new normal took a shape that never imagined in early March 2020. The number of scams and hacks increased as hacktivists got a broader audience to attack. So much so that the cybercrime industry is booming on the dark web. ‘Ransom As A Software’ or RAAS packages are available off the shelf for less than $100.  “With people working from home, there’s an increased attack surface to go after,” said Scott Aaronson, vice president of security and preparedness at the Edison Electric Institute.


It is no secret that the government, retail, health, and tech sectors are being hit hardest for cybercrime along with elderly and COVID related phishing scams. Look at your company and assess how much does it depend on technology for doing or running your business? Yet, only a small percentage of companies have proper cybersecurity solutions in place.  


According to the information shared in the video, about 80% of organizations do not have a cybersecurity incident response plan - which includes cyber liability insurance. Small businesses are a huge part of these statistics! 


Over 50% of Americans have no idea what to do in the event of a data breach, as Pat shared in his video. Is your company ready to face a cyberattack? Do you have experts by your side should you become a victim of cybercrime?


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!


Let's chat as your business may be in dire need of cybersecurity strategies. Be proactive and be a part of the statistics with appropriate measures in place.  


Sharmeen Rehman

BlackFire Cyber Insurance

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Cyber Insurance is a MUST! Even an 11-yr-old KNOWS this

cyber insurance is needed for all business for data breach and cyber attack expenses

Even an 11 year old understands how important to have cyber insurance along with cybersecurity services. When you have a data breach and cyber attack, your business will survive and will not go broke with cyber insurance picking up the cost to restore your data, doing forensic analysis or any other legal expenses. Highrated Haroun says... why wait? Mitigate!

What is RISK in business?

We often talk about risk of cyber security or breach of our data. But what is risk in business? Let's look at the definition of what R...