Thursday, July 16, 2020

What is social engineering in cybersecurity?

What is social engineering in cybersecurity?

Before even answering that question, do you even think for a second that it applies to a common user of the internet – such as YOU and me?

By definition – social engineering is a way or a technique that cybercriminals and hackers use to trick or fool you into clicking on a link and/or giving away sensitive information which turns into them having control of YOUR information that is used maliciously.

When you click on a link and a malware is inserted in your network – the question is…how FAR does it go and how much is it going to COST you?

Just today the twitter accounts of high-profile personnel were hacked to spread a cryptocurrency scam. Apple, Uber and Wendy's were among the companies that saw their accounts compromised, as well – CNBC shared

A coordinated social engineering attack!

Think about this….

Does it stop at bitcoins or cryptocurrency?
Does it only effect famous and well-known celebrities or huge enterprises?
What is the entry point of a scam which never make the news?

You think it’s ONLY those that make the news or the headline of twitter that should be concerned about cybersecurity and ultimately financial ruin?

Are YOU fully protected against cyberattacks that could damage your data & backups?

Do YOU want to worry less & sleep better at night?

If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you, grab some time from my calendar ... because I’d hate to see you lose your data at the hands of hackers!

Sharmeen Rehman
BlackFire Cyber Insurance

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