Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Did you know, TikTok is hovering over YOUR personal information?

Is TikTok Entertainment? Or theft of our information?

We constantly get information and read articles from trustworthy sources that TikTok just wasn’t doing right by its users! Nonetheless, we are so bogged down in our own world of entertainment that we just simply choose to sweep it under the rug – as if we never really knew!

TikTok is FINALLY getting the attention it deserves…so what if it’s for the wrong reasons?

More than 2 MILLION users and all the “…private information in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.” Says the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. Finally, there are talks about TikTok being banned in USA – but we are by no means the first ones!

Would you take their word for it when TikTok says it would never share data with China?

Whether it’s a political game or simply data hacks for churning money-making opportunities, we have got to demand privacy.

TikTok maybe designed for fun & laughter at the front end but do you really know how far it goes to get our data from under our thumbs?

Wanna read where all this is coming from?
Read the article and share your thoughts!

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