Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Dear retailers: why would you NOT want to avoid data breach nightmare?

Data Breach may not go away, but the nightmare of dealing with it can!
Dear retailers & business owners: why would you NOT want to avoid data breach nightmare?

It would be foolish to think we are too little to be stuck in a bad situation...that's the trick being laid out for over 43% of small business owners in getting hacked and/or paying ransom.

As we become the victim of digital crime, we, as business owners, are responsible for paying all the costs associated with the incident, any digital threat from hackers, the fees to perform the testing to see how much of our information got hacked, restoring the system back along with the fines we have to pay to the regulatory bodies.

All this happens as we spend nights sleeplessly racking up the bills for all these costs and lost operation.

Would you have enough in your bank to cover and survive a $200,000 ransom or a data breach that becomes $600,000 as you deal with all the related costs?

Would you not invest in YOUR business rather than paying the hackers and running your bank account empty?

Be the ONE to have a plan in place - and know EXACTLY who to call when you face cyber crime!

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Message me if you want to have a sound & worry-free digital security plan and sleep peacefully every night!

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