Friday, July 31, 2020

Never imagined a minor would hack a powerful company!

Never imagined a minor would hack a powerful company!!!

Twitter users scammed by 3 young hactivists for cryptocurrency

Days after the event - the team worked smart and fast and discovered that a 17-year-old Floridian among 2 other hackers (19 and 22 years of age) pulled the twitter scam of cryptocurrency on some well-known celebrities!

Twitter is not a novice when it comes to having a smart security posture. Yet they STILL got hacked. There is ALWAYS going to be an endpoint or a vulnerability that hacktivist will work hard to find no matter how big or little your business is.

These businesses you hear about survive as they give importance to cybersecurity posture and also cybersecurity solutions when all else fail to secure the system.

How many stories do YOU hear from small business owners that survived the attack without having any heartbreaking consequences? 43% of small businesses face cybercrime though we only read about the other 57%.

Do you have cyber strategies and solutions in place if your business were to get hacked?!?

If this is putting your head down with great concern and worrisome or you are not even sure where to begin when it comes to having cybersecurity strategies in place, you need to connect with a cyber solution expert asap! 

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Accounting firms need cyber insurance for data privacy!

Accounting firms need cyber insurance for data privacy!

It's imperative CPAs and accounting firms have cyber insurance should a data breach or cybercrime occur. Call or text: 877-411-2324 to get multiple quotes from A-rated insurers with the cyber reports for your company. Did you know it costs over $200,000 after a data breach? General liability or professional liability policy won't cover cyber incidents for your accounting firms. Data privacy is at risk as accounting firms have valuable personal and financial details of clients' information. Not only your firm face data breach but also, your clients' sensitive information is exposed to plan cyberattacks against them. When your data is breached, you must notify each breach party as accounting firms collect large amounts of financial and personally identifiable data. There's also a risk of lawsuits as clients' confidential information is hacked. The forensic cost will need to be covered by the accounting firm to investigate the extent of the breach typically, that would cost you anywhere between 250 to $500 an hour and it takes weeks! When your accounting firm carries a cyber policy, you can mitigate your financial risk by having proper coverage for your accounting firm. Coverages include cybercrime such as cyber extortion and cyber engineering. A Comprehensive cyber policy also covers notification and forensic costs, and also business interruption costs along with the reputational harm. When an accounting firm or a CPA has a cyber policy, it covers all the costs associated with data breach and cyberattack! Save time and money by getting your cyber insurance quote instantly along with your cybersecurity report. See how this important investment can save your business in the event of a cyberattack, data breach, or system failure. Due to all the sensitive information accounting firms collect from their customers, protect your accounting your future...get cyber insurance. Don't wait, mitigate!

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Friday, July 24, 2020

Beware of Fund Transfer Fraud! Learn what BEC is all about!

Beware of Fund Transfer Fraud! Learn what BEC is all about!

Did you know that hackers how found new ways to steal millions of dollars without threatening, hacking, or using malware?

Watch out for Wire Transfer Fraud!
Learn how to protect your business with these simple tips! Wire Transfer Fraud are very common and business owners need to watch out for these types of business email compromise.

Sharmeen Rehman
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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Will YOU be a supply chain ransomware victim?

Will YOU be a supply chain ransomware victim?
Every 14 seconds, ransomware is served, and downtime costs are anywhere on average 5-10 times the price of ransom – keeping the type and reputation of the business. 

According to Kivu report, 86% of the ransomware attacks were successfully targeted towards managed service security providers, as smaller organizations share the infrastructure via their IT providers. 

This is where supply chain ransomware takes place! 

The nature of this targeted attack is to deploy ransomware to all customer networks, and ultimately, to the vendor itself. The aim is to paralyze and push customers to pay the ransom.

We often think that it is only the big companies that are vulnerable to attack but with many classic examples from our recent history, it has been proven that bad actors are looking at vulnerability points, a weak area of access within the supply chain of network. 

Larger enterprises typically have a more robust response to cyber events and may not be as vulnerable to the supply chain attacks. The same is not true for service providers. 65% of managed service providers in North America have fewer than 10 full-time employees compared to the companies they service, according to a ‘SolarWinds and The 2112 Group report.’

This is why hackers attack companies through their IT providers. The ransomware is getting sophisticated and growing in numbers daily.  Just a dozen of targeted ransomware gives access to thousands of encrypted endpoints.  Whether you are an online retailer, doctor, lawyer, or an accounting firm using any of these services to hold your valuable and private information, this supply chain ransomware can turn your computer and backups to paperweight! 

Are you covered if your IT service provider is hit by ransomware?

Cybersecurity and cyber insurance as a package play a major role when facing financial turmoil via bad actors taking advantage of technology growth.  As customers, you entrust the care of your data to your providers. Get to know them, their practice to secure your data and policies and procedures in place when there’s a vulnerability or exposed to hackers.  

Have a Cyber insurance policy that provides coverage for data privacy concerns and network security events.  There will be internal costs as you or your provider respond to the attack and you’ll need strong financial support that picks up the tab your behalf and saves you from a catastrophic breakdown of your business.

Sharmeen Rehman
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Sunday, July 19, 2020

How cyber security insurance secures your business?

How Cyber Insurance works? What is Cyber Insurance Coverage?

How cyber security insurance secures your business?
What does Cyber Insurance Cover?
Find out how it fills the gap where GL or E&O lacks coverage!

Cybersecurity Insurance covers a number of cyber incident related expenses along with liabilities that general liability insurance and E&O policies don't cover. Comprehensive cyber insurance coverages include 1st party and 3rd cyber risks!

Don't wait, mitigate!
Visit today!
We provide immediate pricing with comparison & payment options.

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Saturday, July 18, 2020

No One Loves You on the Internet

No One Loves You on the Internet

Nobody loves you on the internet! Except for scammers who are JUST doing their job! FREE cyber awareness training ~ Pure FUN & subconsciously educational!
Save yourself from hacks & scams. If you like what you learn, share the knowledge with others!

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Thursday, July 16, 2020

What is social engineering in cybersecurity?

What is social engineering in cybersecurity?

Before even answering that question, do you even think for a second that it applies to a common user of the internet – such as YOU and me?

By definition – social engineering is a way or a technique that cybercriminals and hackers use to trick or fool you into clicking on a link and/or giving away sensitive information which turns into them having control of YOUR information that is used maliciously.

When you click on a link and a malware is inserted in your network – the question is…how FAR does it go and how much is it going to COST you?

Just today the twitter accounts of high-profile personnel were hacked to spread a cryptocurrency scam. Apple, Uber and Wendy's were among the companies that saw their accounts compromised, as well – CNBC shared

A coordinated social engineering attack!

Think about this….

Does it stop at bitcoins or cryptocurrency?
Does it only effect famous and well-known celebrities or huge enterprises?
What is the entry point of a scam which never make the news?

You think it’s ONLY those that make the news or the headline of twitter that should be concerned about cybersecurity and ultimately financial ruin?

Are YOU fully protected against cyberattacks that could damage your data & backups?

Do YOU want to worry less & sleep better at night?

If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you, grab some time from my calendar ... because I’d hate to see you lose your data at the hands of hackers!

Sharmeen Rehman
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Monday, July 13, 2020

Cyber Security is our Top Priority ~ Protect Your Business!

How much does cyber insurance cost?  
Find out why Cyber Security is our top priority at BlackFire Cyber Insurance!
Cyber insurance coverages now go beyond and become your risk management partner & provide robust cyber security tools along with providing coverages for Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches.

All businesses need to mitigate financial risk and protect your assets from cyber crime and cyber related incidents.

Any business owner can stop worrying about losing their critical data with my proven cybersecurity strategies because they protect companies from financial ruin at the hands of hackers!

cyber quote online with immediate pricing & payment options available!

Don't wait...mitigate!

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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Do you have a website for YOUR small business?

Website safety for your traffic is imperative
Do you have a website for YOUR small business?

If you said YES, are YOU keeping up with….

Plug in safety?
Software updates?
SSL certification to protect your website traffic?

I am just a small business, they said….

I am never going to be valuable to hackers, they said….

Don’t be a vulnerable website. Apply the patches and updates as they are released.  Keep the confidence and grow your business by providing a trustworthy and bug-free website where your users feel secure to come and navigate! 

Threatpost shared last week that one of many WordPress plugins threaten full site takeovers!

Over 37% of websites on the internet are on WordPress.
Just because they are widely used doesn’t mean you are in good hands 100% of the time! 

Do your part, keep your business & your website traffic secure. 

What if you follow all protocols and have an exposed vulnerability you did not catch?

Curious what might be the fail-proof digital security strategy for your business should you fall at the hands of malicious hackers? 

Talk to me ~ Let’s protect your assets!

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Don't be a victim to a job scam!

Job Hunters, Beware of Job Scams!
Don't be a victim to a job scam!

Cybercriminals love job hunters. Do YOU know why?

They want to steal your data!

It’s as simple as posting a job and targeting work from home candidates. Once hired, hackers will gain access to your bank account and other personal information by having remote work process in place!

Why is this so important to know NOW more than ever?

Work From Home – aka – WFH is here to stay!

"As we continue to move through Covid and assess the 'new normal', we continue to believe that an element of the WFH environment that we have gotten used to, is here to stay," Evercore ISI analysts led by Kirk Materne wrote in a note to clients on July 6th.

We all know about the big enterprises modeling the WFH attitude – its working great just as well for the small to medium size companies.

Opportunity seekers, as you go out there and spread your wings across different or unique roles and options, be aware of the scams – you can’t afford to NOT watch the full video

Stay informed and make smart moves as you move forward with your next awesome opportunity!

Sharmeen Rehman

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Did you know, TikTok is hovering over YOUR personal information?

Is TikTok Entertainment? Or theft of our information?

We constantly get information and read articles from trustworthy sources that TikTok just wasn’t doing right by its users! Nonetheless, we are so bogged down in our own world of entertainment that we just simply choose to sweep it under the rug – as if we never really knew!

TikTok is FINALLY getting the attention it deserves…so what if it’s for the wrong reasons?

More than 2 MILLION users and all the “…private information in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.” Says the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. Finally, there are talks about TikTok being banned in USA – but we are by no means the first ones!

Would you take their word for it when TikTok says it would never share data with China?

Whether it’s a political game or simply data hacks for churning money-making opportunities, we have got to demand privacy.

TikTok maybe designed for fun & laughter at the front end but do you really know how far it goes to get our data from under our thumbs?

Wanna read where all this is coming from?
Read the article and share your thoughts!

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Dear retailers: why would you NOT want to avoid data breach nightmare?

Data Breach may not go away, but the nightmare of dealing with it can!
Dear retailers & business owners: why would you NOT want to avoid data breach nightmare?

It would be foolish to think we are too little to be stuck in a bad situation...that's the trick being laid out for over 43% of small business owners in getting hacked and/or paying ransom.

As we become the victim of digital crime, we, as business owners, are responsible for paying all the costs associated with the incident, any digital threat from hackers, the fees to perform the testing to see how much of our information got hacked, restoring the system back along with the fines we have to pay to the regulatory bodies.

All this happens as we spend nights sleeplessly racking up the bills for all these costs and lost operation.

Would you have enough in your bank to cover and survive a $200,000 ransom or a data breach that becomes $600,000 as you deal with all the related costs?

Would you not invest in YOUR business rather than paying the hackers and running your bank account empty?

Be the ONE to have a plan in place - and know EXACTLY who to call when you face cyber crime!

Learn more ~ head on over to comments for full video link.
Message me if you want to have a sound & worry-free digital security plan and sleep peacefully every night!

Friday, July 3, 2020

How to Spot a Fake Email? Look for Bad Grammar

How to spot a FAKE email? Look for BAD GRAMMAR!!!

What could bad grammar tell you? Scammers use bad grammar to focus on people who will be more vulnerable to their scams. Spot these details in an email that may be a scam! Not only at work, but also our family members such as our kids, elderly or all loved ones need to be vigilant and look out for these scams.

Covid-related scams are on the rise. We ALL ought to learn to outsmart the scammers!Don't reset pw or update any info by clicking on the link in the email OR call the number from the email. Go to the original/official source - contact them via their listed sources. These small practice can save you from a big SCAM!

FREE cyber awareness training ~ Pure FUN & subconsciously educational! Save yourself from hacks & scams. If you like what you learn, share the knowledge with others!

What is RISK in business?

We often talk about risk of cyber security or breach of our data. But what is risk in business? Let's look at the definition of what R...