Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Is Cyber Insurance needed for Your Small Business?

If your company uses technology, humans, collects sensitive data OR process payment information, data breach and data privacy insurance is a MUST HAVE for your business.  Commercial or E&O policies usually exclude damages arising out of losses of electronic data because cyberattack often isn’t considered physical damage. If you don’t have cyber insurance or have questions about your existing commercial policy, reach out to your insurance agent to review your current policy coverage for you!

Ready for cyber and data liability insurance? Many agents partner with insurtech companies that utilize the most robust, solution geared, comprehensive and broad cyber insurance to prevent business interruption & reputational harm along with other data coverages.  As an added bonus, many insurance carriers also help businesses navigate risk across their technology stacked with continuous vulnerability monitoring. 

Visit “” for your free, instant, no-obligation cyber & data breach liability insurance quote estimate and coverage options. 

Don’t delay, get your cyber insurance estimates today! 

Don’t wait...mitigate :) 

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